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Your hernia may cause barely a twinge of pain now, but without treatment, it will worsen over time and may lead to serious complications. Rohit K. Sahai, MD, is the skilled surgeon you need to repair a hernia. His experience includes minimally invasive surgery using the robot-assisted da Vinci® Surgical System, which provides greater accuracy and optimal results. If you develop signs of a hernia, call Sonoran Surgical in Chandler, and San Tan Valley, Arizona, or schedule an appointment online.

Hernia Q & A

What causes a hernia?

A hernia occurs when internal tissues or organs protrude through a muscle. You may develop a hernia when the muscle tears or weakens. Muscle weakness is often caused by age-related degeneration and pressure placed on the muscle due to coughing, heavy lifting, or straining during bowel movements.

These are the most common types of hernias:

  • Inguinal hernia, which occurs in the inner groin
  • Femoral hernia, which is in the outer groin
  • Incisional or ventral hernia, which develops in the abdominal wall along a healed incision
  • Umbilical hernia, which is in your abdomen near your navel

What symptoms develop due to a hernia?

The earliest sign may be a noticeable lump where the hernia pushes through the muscle. You may also feel an ache or burning sensation in the affected area. As your hernia worsens, you start feeling pain when you’re active or when you place pressure on the hernia.

Untreated hernias can cause complications when the hernia gets twisted or trapped in the muscle. When this happens, the blood supply is cut off and the hernia may release toxins into your bloodstream.

How is a hernia treated?

A hernia doesn’t respond to medication and it won’t heal on its own. As a result, surgery is your only treatment option. When Dr. Sahai performs a hernia repair, he puts the protruding part back in place and repairs the muscles. In some cases, he may place hernia mesh over the area to add extra support.

Dr. Sahai performs minimally invasive hernia repair using small incisions that cause less bleeding and promote faster healing. Dr. Sahai is also an expert in repairing inguinal and incisional hernias using the da Vinci Surgical System.

The da Vinci has advanced robotic arms that are controlled by sensors placed on Dr. Sahai’s hands. The great advantage of the system is that it enhances Dr. Sahai’s surgical skill with robotic arms that are smaller than human hands but that can perform a greater range of motion compared with human abilities. As a result, the da Vinci allows Dr. Sahai to perform more precise surgery with minimal disruption to the surrounding tissues.

If you have a lump or pain due to a hernia, book an appointment online or call Sonoran Surgical.